Small to medium size companies are often focused on what's truly important - their business. I.T issues and needs have the potential to be time consuming, complex, and expensive. We provide highly customized IT services at an unmatched high-class service level. Our technical solutions use the latest technologies to streamline and fit your business needs. We are a closed direct-invitation only company.

Our Solutions

Help Desk Services
Help Desk / Remote Support

You can call or email 24/7/365 days per year and speak to someone at that moment for any technical issues you're having with your computers or servers.

IP Voice / Phone Systems / PBX Integrations
IP Voice / Phone Systems / PBX Integrations

Lower your business phone service costs and take advantage of features such as crystal clear audio, extensions, call transfering, call hold, and call parking. With our custom integration services we can even allow you to trigger relays to open doors, gates, or trigger lockdowns for your building.

Full System Administration Services
System Administration

We will setup, build, and manage your IT network or manage your existing network for day to day operations and can handle task such as creating accounts for new employees that use our computer systems, servers, and IP phones.

Custom Web Applications
Custom Web Applications / Website

Using ASP.NET MVC or Web Forms we can build custom applications for your business internally to automate processes or design customer facing websites that "talk" to your existings computer systems to allow functionality such as looking up customer records.

IP PBX Custom Services
IP PBX Custom Integrations and Applications

Allow staff to unlock doors while on a phone call, build an automated telephone system to take payments and record those in your existing systems, and more. If you want or need an automated phone system that can perform actions for your customers we can develop it.

Purchase off lease equipment
Off-Lease and Pre-Owned Equipment

If you need to find equipment such as desktops, servers, or networking equipment, we have an internal network that can provide new off lease equipment.